Director - Edward Coffield  Associate Director / Choreographer - Trace Turner  Gabe - Spencer Davis Milford  Natalie - Libby Jasper  Lights by Charlotte Wester
 Director - Trace Turner  Choreographer - Marissa Beccard  Marianne - Makenna Perkal  Roland - Lucas Howard Reilly  Lights by Jacob Stahl
 Director/Choreographer - Trace Turner  Matilde - Lynda Cortez  Matilde’s Mother - Jules Slocum  Matilde’s Father - Josh Friedrich  Lights by Aria Grosvenor
 Director - Trace Turner  Starring - Matthew Billings
 Written and Devised by the Company  Director/Choreographer - Trace Turner  Company - Kayla Braxton, Johnny Briseno, Arrianna Chai, Maison Kelly and Jack Theilling  Lights by Jessica Stevens
 Directed by Trace Turner  Lights by Wyatt Mailloux  Featured players:  Andrew Oppmann, Kiah McKirnan, Matt Billings, and Gad Guterman
 Director — Trace Turner  Hero — Eleanor Robinson  Leander — Johnny Briseno  Whale of the People’s Flex Fest, 2019
  The Last Days of Judas Iscariot   By Stephen Aldy Guirgis  Butch Honeywell - Harrison Farmer
  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime   by Simon Stephens  Directed by Marcia Milgrom Dodge  Rep. Theatre of St. Louis