Playwriting and Similar Endeavors

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In his search for the soul of Eurydice, Orpheo trudges up other stories of women wronged in Greek mythology. The poet Sappho joins his side to aid in his musical quest. Adapted from a serious of poems by Ovid of the same title, HEROIDES deals with love, loss, heart ache, and letting go of what was never yours to hold onto in the first place.
First staging: Envisage New Works Festival in April 2018. Most recent staging: April 21st, 2019.   


A 20 minute scene taking place in an Aquarium. We meet Peter and Don who have recently ended a two year relationship. They've met up at the aquarium to have the dreaded post-break up check in. This scene will be one of many scenes that take place in the same aquarium. First staged at Envisage New Works Festival 2017.



Originally conceived by myself, this devised piece was written by the entire company through a series of exploratory writing exercises. This piece explores story attached to objects with a poetic sense of memory. The play utilizes lost mail in order to tackle these exciting subjects. 



A new work based on the poems and history of Empress Elizabeth “Sissi” of Austria at the turn of the 19th century. A story of longing to fly beyond her confines, we see Sissi as she navigates her everyday life. First produced at the Envisage New Works Festival 2019.